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Mindset Vibrations, what is yours?

And the crazy part is that it doesn’t matter if you make $40,000 a year or $400,000. If you have a negative money vibration you will always struggle with money.Ever heard of the wealthy doctor who owns a mansion, fancy cars, and goes on exotic vacations, and yet, he goes bankrupt?

Ever hear about the movie star who made millions on each film, but then loses everything. It happens all the time. That’s because they have a money vibration set-point set to zero. Sometimes below zero.

If it can happen to those people who make amazing amounts of money … it can happen to anyone. And it will keep happening until you change your money vibration code.How does someone make millions of dollars per year and then lose it all? It’s because their money vibration set-point is set to zero. So no matter how much money a person makes, they must go back to zero.

So that they are aligned with their subconscious money vibration set-point and subconscious money beliefs. This happens because subconsciously and vibrational, they are uncomfortable with lots of money.

That might sound crazy, because everybody dreams of lots of money. Money might feel good in the moment, but at some point, there is too much resistance in the person’s money vibration, and it must return to its comfort zone.

Like a stretched rubber band, it will go back to its original shape. People who have a sudden increase in wealth like going from zero to millions like a movie star or a lotto winner, still have a poverty money vibration.

So they lose it all because they are playing out their subconscious money vibration code and they don’t even know why it is happening.

You have also heard of the kid who grew up poverty in the hood, but then builds a successful business that raises himself out of poverty forever.

You’ve heard of the woman that was living out of her car with her kids, and wrote her first book in coffee shop, and then becomes a famous author selling millions of books.You’ve probably read the book about the everyday millionaires.

Regular people that have normal jobs but have high money vibration habits that made them millionaires.There is a saying that proves to be true over and over, “If you win the million dollars lottery, then you better become a millionaire real fast.

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