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Mindset Vibrations Part 6

Part 6

It’s a simple 5 step method that has been created called,

Miracle Money Magnets.”

Step 1

I am Worthy of Money and Wealth

It is impossible to be rich and to keep your wealth if you do not truly believe

that you are worthy of money, abundance and lasting wealth. If you are honest

with yourself, you know there is a lot of resistance around money.

If there wasn’t you’d already have all the money you wanted. This is why we

must start with aligning your subconscious mind to a wealth mindset and

reprogram your beliefs about money. If you don’t do this, nothing else matters.

Step 2

Words that Repel Money … Words that Attract Money

Words have power. More than most realize. If you use negative money words

on a regular bases, you can never have an abundance of wealth. Money wants

to flow to you. It truly does. But not when you are resistant to it or repel it.

Your resistance shows up in your words because your words represent your

thoughts and your thoughts represent your subconscious beliefs. You are

using words and phrases that repel money like a flashing neon sign that says

Step 3

Stop Negative Money Beliefs

Negative money beliefs will stop wealth in its tracks. It’s hidden deep inside

the subconscious caverns of your mind and when you try to get ahead, those

hidden money beliefs will repel money.

The interesting thing is that we often don’t realize what our deep beliefs are or

how much negative beliefs are holding us back. But when you change your

money beliefs, you change your life.

Step 4

Money Vibration Reset

You can’t fix a problem with the same thinking that created it. If your money

vibration set-point is set to “just getting by,” when you get extra money, it will

vanish to match your money vibration set-point.

This is why we must upgrade your money programming and reset your money

vibration set-point. Like a thermostat in the house, if it is set to 60 degrees, the

house will never get above 60 degrees. When you change your money thermostat

higher more money comes into your life.

Step 5

The Laws of Millionaires

Millionaires think and act differently than the average person.

That’s why they are millionaires. While there are many things that make

them different, there are a few basic laws of millionaires that make the

difference between struggling with money and being wealthy.

The reality is that becoming a millionaire isn’t uncommon anymore.

Especially if you do the right things. Live by these laws and you too can

become one of the millions of new millionaires created each year.

What does that mean?

YOU must change, for things to change. YOU must get better, for things to get better.

Newton’s Law of Motion states that things stay the same until a force

creates enough energy to change it. Here is an example. You make

$40,000 a year, but your expenses are $50,000 a year. So you keep going

deeper and deeper into debt. But if you start a side hustle that makes you

$20,000 a year, now you have applied enough force to make a real change in your life.

But, changing your life isn’t just about working more, how many people

do you know that work 60 hours a week but are still broke? Most, right?

Why is that? Because they have a money vibration set-point that says,

I must work hard and long hours to get ahead. But what do they actually get?

More hard work and long hours.

My friends make fun of me for how little I work. There is no law that says

there is a correlation between the amount of hours you work and how

much money you earn. If this was the case, nobody would become a millionaire.

How much you work and how much money you earn is up to you. This is

also part of your money vibration code.

If you want to become financially free, you must live the idea that the

amount of time you work has no relation to how much you get paid.

You do not have to trade hours for dollars. You can and you should

be earning at most of your money without work or with very little work.

With passive income.

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