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Mindset Vibrations Part 5

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Part 5 Vibrations - What is yours?

Not only that, but money itself is an energy. Notice that money flows to some people but stays away from others? Think Beverly Hills vs East Los Angeles. Geographically they are very close to each other. But one has mansions and Bentley's and the other has street crime and poverty. I bet that by now you understand that you must change your money vibration to change your financial reality.

So let’s talk about how to change your money vibration set-point so that you stop repelling money, and start attracting an abundance of money with ease so that your bank account always grows.

First, there is no reason to blame yourself for your money blocks or lack of money. It’s not your fault. You learned negative money beliefs since before you could walk. “Mommy, can we buy the toy?” “No baby, I don’t have enough money.” Or worse you heard, “Do I look like I am made out of money?”You may have been programmed for scarcity, but you don’t have to keep that programming.

You can change it. To help you kick-start your way to wealth and abundance and raise your money vibration set-point so that money can start flowing into your life with ease, I also know that money is NOT the root of all evil, but a LACK of money is the root of most problems. People lie, cheat and steal for money. 80% of marriage problems are because of a lack of money. Stress and sleepless nights are caused by money problems. Your subconscious scarcity money programming says that money is bad and too much money is evil.

That’s not true. Money is not bad or good. Money is an extension of the person using it.Are you a good person? Then you will do good things with it when you are overflowing with money. That’s the very first thing you must learn and adopt as an unwavering belief.

You are a good person who deserves money and money is an extension of your goodness. When you solve your money struggles, you solve most of your stresses and problems. It won’t solve all your problems, but if you can write a check for it, you don’t have that problem.When you have an abundance of money, you will have a better lifestyle, help others, and contribute more.

That’s what you want right? To be financially stress free, live a great lifestyle,and help your family and others? So how do you do that?How do you turn your financial limitations into financial prosperity?It’s a simple 5 step method that has been created called,“Miracle Money Magnets.”

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