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Ask the Universe these Questions

These are taken from 'Michael Beckwith' training.

Ask the Universe (GOD) empowering questions you need help with.

Then sincerely and mindfully make yourself available for the answer.

It will begin to come intuitley, It will come as a feeling.

: What good is trying to happen in my life?

: What gift is trying to be born?

: What if all my needs were met?

: What if prosperity reigned supreme in my life?

: What if my body could heal itself of everything?

Personal declarations:

I am absolutely available to greater prosperity in every aspect of my life.

I am a vehicle, instrument, of prosperity,

I am worthy to have all my needs met all the time.

(Your name) is worthy to have all (my) needs met all the time.

You (your name) is worthy to have all (his/her) needs met all the time

(he/she) is worthy to have all (his/her) needs met all the time.

: Say them every day at least three times. Looking at yourself in a mirror

while you say them causes these to take hold sooner.

Abundance is infinity everywhere.

To experience abundance, develop a feeling of worthiness to have all your needs met.

You only get to keep what you give away energetically at higher and higher levels


Money is energy it works when circulated.

Circulation is a complete cycle of giving and receiving.

Because the Universe is infinite, giving and receiving

doesn't end as it expands into higher levels.

I ask questions like:

What can I do today to enhance my business?

How can I find the prospects interested in my offer?

What can I do today to be happy (feeling good) to attract wealth

What can I do today to be more sharing, giving, helpful to all

According to 'Michael Beckwith', it is much more effective to ask question about your needs than to request or pray for the Universe(GOD) to provide for your wants/needs.

I tell myself many times a day this, 'I am a happy magnet to money, I now have more than I need, I am a magnet to money, -money, money, money loves me and flows into my bank account abundantly, Thus I am now debt fee, money, money ,money loves me'.