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Goal Template

Me With My Goal Card

Here is a template for writing a clear and concise statement, that

I found from "Think And Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill that he created:

"By (insert date), I will have in my possession (insert amount), which

will come to me in various amounts from time to time during the interim.

In return for this money I will give the most efficient service of which

I am capable, rendering the fullest possible quantity, and the best

possible quality of service in the capacity of (describe the service or

merchandise you intend to offer in exchange for the money).

I believe that I will have this money in my possession. My faith is so

strong that I can now see this money before my eyes. I can touch it with

my hands. It is now awaiting transfer to me at the time, and in the

proportion that I deliver the service I intend to render in return for it.

I am awaiting a plan by which to accumulate this money, and I will follow

that plan, when it is received."

Goal example (mine)

I am so happy and grateful now that I am earning $xxxx per month, easily and consistently on autopilot through the sales of products that I recommend which people want and love and are thrilled about.

Goals, Faith &amp; Vision

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