The Power of Your Mind

I came cross this training online from George Zalucki. It was about the power of our minds. It was very mind blowing. Did you know you have complete control of life events that happen in your life. What you think about is the direction your life will head. This was part of the training I am taking from Peter Sage..

I have the audio track by George Zalucki below where you can also listen to this eyeopener information.

 Gratitude & Fulfilment

Totally new thought for me in the concept of forgiveness:"Thank you for giving me..."It's definitely a master level step to be able to apply such in the turmoil of pain and hurt and what the body experiences in trauma... slow kindness to self for freedom through gratitude... focus on good is the only way Up.This is part of the training I am taking from Peter Sage..

Understanding Human Behaviour​

This is powerful and useful information that helps me to understand both my own and other peoples’ behaviors. The way Peter explains the 6 human needs and how to apply that knowledge in practice is pedagogical and easy to follow. This was indeed one aha-moment. I needed to listen to the audio several times to get the messages in my head. ;)