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 Written by Jim Vorwerk

Last evening I just witnessed the best most complete training on how to succeed in your business. 

Vick from the FourPercent Group made his first Monday evening public training on this subject. 

He is starting a series on Monday evening on this

How to Win in Business Today’ 

From the ‘How to Win in Business Today’

(1)  Get Excited

If you show excitement people (prospects) are attracted to you.

(2)  Become a dreamer again..

Make a list of 100 things you want to accomplish..  you must have a goal to  be  striving for to make them happen.. 

Without a dream(goal) you will not succeed..

(3)  You must feel good about yourself..

That’s sets up a feeling others can look up to you..

We are in a feeling business.. our feelings are reflected on our buyers..

(4)  Stand for something..

Like – dealing honesty,  show integrity, concern for others, etc…

Be dedicated (focused) on your brand..

(5)  Make a total commitment to what you are all about..

Skill up on the product or service you sell.. don’t sell junk.. don’t promote gimmicks..

(6)  Establish priorities and concentrate on them..

Are you the product of the product you sell?.. Total commitment to what you sell..

(7)  Desire and the will to win..

All out to win--no plan A or B.. never think about ‘maybe I won’t be successful’!!

These are the topics covered in last night session.  Vick is a master at his ability to teach others. 

He is telling us what it took for him come from nothing and now a multi-millionaire.

(8) Must not complain about anything. Complaining is very 'negative' and attracts more of the same.

If you can do something about, do it no complaining.

if you can't do anything about it to make it better, No use complaining about it. You can't fix it.

(9) When you feel good about yourself and the situation you are in, you attract to you an answer to what you want.

(10) Be a product of the product you sell. Always own the product to be able to show your endorsement.