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Gold and Silver Have Defined Value

The benefit to buying gold and silver bullion is that they have a defined value. You know exactly how much you’re spending when you purchase them. This differs from stocks, which rely on consumer confidence and investor optimism to define their worth. If people don’t think they can profit, they will sell off their stocks—and if too many people do so at once, prices drop

Gold and Silver Are Soaring in Value

Are you investing in these precious metals? Stocks and bonds might be safer, but in recent years, they haven’t been so safe. Gold and silver are on a steady climb: At current prices, gold is up 70% since 2013, while silver is up 200%. In comparison, stocks have had slow growth—and recently experienced a crash—and bonds don’t look like they can deliver much better returns than that. What gives? Why are these precious metals suddenly becoming more valuable?

Gold is One of Many Possible Investments

There are a lot of factors to consider when determining what types of investments are best suited to your particular financial situation. Gold is just one option—and a very lucrative one at that, depending on how you play it. For example, if you’re able to purchase gold while also holding some cash in reserve in case prices fall again, you can take advantage of temporary drops.

Who Can Benefit from Owning Precious Metals?

Anyone can benefit from holding precious metals, whether you’re a personal investor or part of a large organization. That’s because precious metals can act as an asset that holds its value even when paper currency doesn’t. Because paper currencies have lost approximately 95% of their value since 1913 due to inflation, adding precious metals to your portfolio is one way to take advantage of these gains. By investing in gold and silver bullion, you don’t have to worry about losing out on purchasing power.

How Much Should I Invest In Precious Metals?

Just like with any investment, there are costs associated with purchasing precious metals. You should keep in mind that you’ll need to purchase these items at dealer cost; you won’t earn a sale price. When you take a look at what dealers pay per ounce, it’s clear that they don’t give a lot away.

How Do I Buy Precious Metals?

Buying precious metals can seem intimidating, but it’s not hard once you learn how to buy gold and silver. If you want to add some bullion or a few commemorative coins to your investment portfolio, follow these simple steps.

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How Do I Buy Precious Metals?

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